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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /British Flags/Red Ensign (Linen cloth) Decorative/2yd 72x36in 183x91cm Red Ensign

2yd 72x36in 183x91cm Red Ensign

2yd 72x36in 183x91cm Red Ensign

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Product Information

Quality sewn linen cloth Red Duster; Flag size: 2 yards; 72x36 inches; 183x91.5 centimeters.

Linen red ensigns by default are supplied with the following flag fixture and heading types: rope & toggle; rope loops; dark brass eyelets; white cotton flag heading; sturdy grey linen flag heading. On request flag can be supplied with any other custom fixture type: crisp white braided linen rope, sleeve hole, four dark brass eyelets for enhanced vintage look and etc.  

All linen cloth flags listed under are hand sewn using qualitatively woven medium weight linen fabaric (180 g/sqm). Linen cloth flags are intended for decorative purpose and can only be occasionally flown outside in dry and (or) windy weather. We recommend hand washing the flag in warm soapy water and leaving it to dry by itself. Finally, natural linen fabric loves to be steam ironed in medium temperature.  

We are family owned sewn flag manufacturers, so you can buy sewn Red Ensign for the better price.    

Please pay special attention when choosing the right flag fixture type

linen rope loops flag cloth sewn hand brass eyelets grommets flag cloth linen sewn linen cloth sewn flag rope and toggle fixture type

and flag heading colour in the product options below:

grey handsewn flag union jack photowhite linen heading flag band cloth sewn

Price: £75.18

Product Options:
Flag Fixture Type
Flag Heading Colour

Product Code: REDLN8
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