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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Misc Flags/Authentic Jolly Roger (MoD approved)/5x3ft 60x36in 152x91cm Authentic Jolly Roger

5x3ft 60x36in 152x91cm Authentic Jolly Roger

5x3ft 60x36in 152x91cm Authentic Jolly Roger

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Product Information

Fully sewn / embroidered authentic Jolly Roger. The very design is based on the descriptions and pictures found in the old manuscripts and the 'History of the Pyrates' written by Charles Johnson in 1724.

Woven MoD approved marine fabric Jolly Rogers by default are supplied with the following flag fixture types: rope & togglerope loops; brass eyelets (grommets); Inglefield clips. Every flag is sewn using highly durable thick 100% polyester threads and is reinforced using hidden strips of fell along the edges. We use only qualitative UK locally manufactured MoD approved woven fabric 155 g/sqm. It is specially designed for professional outdoor use on poles, naval vessels, and in other extreme weather conditions. More to that, it has a pleasant natural wool like appearance of the traditional sewn flags.

Flags made of woven MoD approved fabric can be safely used in harsh weather conditions. However, special care taken is the best guarantee for the sewn flag to serve well. Do not expose flag to continuous windy weather; take it down during night and upon spotting first signs of tear and wear, send the flag back to us for a free repair works (P&P charges are paid by customer). Although woven fabric flags are machine washable at 30C, we do not recommend tumble or hot drying them. Stitched MoD approved fabric flags can be steam ironed straight on in low to middle temperature.

Please pay special attention when choosing the right flag fixture, fabric and anti-fray netting in the product options below:

UK rope & toggle British flag fixturerope loops sewn flag fixturemetal eyelets sewn flag fixture

Choose anti fray netting to prolong flag's service and make it's routine repair cheap and easy.

Anti Fray netting sacrificial net antifray

Price: £50.40 £42.00

Product Options:
Anti Fray Net
Flag Fixture Type

Product Code: AJOLWP5
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